Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blossoms on quilt

This is my daughter's birthday cake. She wanted lots of flowers on her favourite dark chocolate cake, but as I did not want her to gobble up massive amounts of sugar paste, we both agreed on a cake with many small blossoms. This is the first time I tried imprinting the fondant with a dressmaker's wheel for a quilt-like pattern on the cake. It may not be done with Martha Stewart precision but I am nonetheless happy with the results.
And here's a shot of the heady dark chocolate cake that really packs a punch, underneath all that seemingly meek, soft and demure white appearance. How apt, I thought. Happy birthday my dear girl. Love you lots.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A lovely handmade gift

I want to share with you a gift we received from a very talented scrapbooker, who made this frame to encourage us with this little baking project we have got going. Check out her blog here. We often bake for those we love as a way of expressing our affection (and have some fun in the process), and knowing that our efforts are appreciated is a reward in itself. So thanks, Jaz, for your lovely handmade gift.

You may have noticed that there have not been many postings recently. Well, as a lot of the cakes we have been baking recently are orders from the order list and have already been featured, we thought it did not make sense to do repeated postings of a similar cake. But coming up, we intend to do some postings of new offerings. So watch this spot!