Saturday, July 2, 2011

Car Cake - but don't ask me to make this again

Ah what the heck. Here are the pictures of that 3-D car cake I mentioned. See the saggy slouchy bumpers and the punctured tyres and the general untidiness of it all? The birthday boy and his very nice mother were kind enough to overlook the imperfections, but I won't be making this again anytime soon - too stressful!

Cakes for Boys

Some of you may already know cakes featuring cars and trucks and trains are not my forte. They fall under the general category of "Boys Cakes", which is incidentally in the same category as "Challenging". Especially after being scarred by my wild stab at a 3-D car cake which turned out to be way more difficult than I imagined it to be - one of my earlier cakes when I had more bravura than common sense. Or skill. Again, I feel too thin-skinned to share that picture today. [Postscript: I did post it eventually. See here].

But one should start somewhere, starting from 2-D cakes. Here is an attempt at a car cake and features 3 racer cars in bright blue, green and pink. The cars are all on the side in anticipation of the set of happy birthday candles that will be on top of the cake. Happy with how it turned out, and even happier that the birthday boy liked it. Maybe car cakes are not that scary afterall.