Sunday, August 8, 2010

Butterflies and Daisies II

Here's another take on the butterflies and daisies theme. I can understand why this theme is an oft-repeated one and is popular with little girls (and their mommies) - there's just something so charming about those delicate winged creatures on white daisies.

This is the biggest cake I have attempted thus far. The bottom tier is 3 layers of 9-inch chocolate cake, whilst the top is another 3 layers of 6 inch chocolate cake. The cake is syrupped with a milk chocolate ganache, which makes the cake moist and fresh even after a few days. Then there's the fondant to cover and decorate the cake with. Assembled, the cake weighs more than a good sized infant. I hope little D had a good party, and the adults and kids enjoyed the cake alike.

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