Friday, January 28, 2011

Lunar New Year Offerings – Double Happiness Mandarin Tangerine Cupcakes

This Lunar New Year, break away from tradition and give Mandarin Tangerine Cupcakes instead of the ubiquitous mandarin oranges! This limited edition concoction comprises a mix of mandarin oranges and oranges, resulting in a cupcake with a fragrant tang of Mandarin oranges minus the tartness you get from pure oranges alone. The cupcake base contains the juice of mandarin oranges, while the orange curd filling is made with both types of oranges, lending a sweet and piquant but not sour taste. Topping it all is a buttercream with more orange!

Minimum order of 12 which can be packed in pairs, or in boxes of 4 or 6 – just pick your auspicious number. Retails at $3.80 each from now till 16 February. Gong xi fa cai to all our supporters!

Confession: I must apologise for the unbecoming swirls of buttercream in the picture - was trying out a new decorating tip without much success. Have vowed to go back to my trusty 1M tip!

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