Saturday, April 16, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake, the way I like it

At last, a chance to make a cake that looks like a cake! A family favourite, I like the whiteness of the cream against the lush red of the strawberries - it does not need anything else. Seconds guaranteed!

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  1. I love strawberry shortcake too! I love whipped cream..with strawberries that's why..! I can eat truck loads of it..if strawberries weren't so expensive here..LOL!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog..and to reply to your question about the deep red i got for the rose..i had to put A LOT of red color. Almost the entire tub of red and if not more, which causes the paste to be softer than desired so i couldn't roll it out too thin. Now that PH sells colored red fondant, perhaps you can use that instead of coloring it yourself? Now i do just that...way too troublesome to color dark colors imo! HTH!